Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 12 ~ Transfers and Tiny Miracles

Crazy week! First of all, I got my first transfer call! I'm staying in Utrecht with Zr. Merz :) She will be the sister training leader now, so that means I'll have to go on a lot of exchanges! It'll be fun to work with different sisters and visit all the sister cities in our zone!

Last p-day we climbed the Dom Toren! It was a lot of fun! It is the highest tower in the Netherlands and we could see literally everything because this country is as flat as a pancake. We could see Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Den Haag all in the distance from the top! It was a pretty sketchy climb because the tower is who knows how old and the steps were super narrow and steep. But we climbed all 450 stairs or so to the top, and the view was so beautiful!

I also went back to Brussels to get my residency card. It was a really fun trip. We got to stay for a couple hours this time and see more of the city! We saw the beautiful town square and a famous statue of a little boy peeing?... We got Belgian waffles and sandwiches again too. 

This week was a little rough with appointments.. we got cancelled on a lot, but I know that God truly has a reason for everything. When we don't have appointments, that means knocking. So because we were knocking all week, we found five new potentials! Seriously we see so many small miracles every day. I challenge you all to look for the tiny miracles you see every day, because it truly helps to recognize and appreciate God's hand in your life!

Lastly, my sister returned from her mission on Friday! It was tough not being able to be there, but her example really inspires me to keep working my hardest on my mission. I love her so much!

Ik houd van jullie!

Zuster Fordiani

The photos are of the Brussels trip and climbing the Dom Toren!

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