Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 31 ~ coppers

READY FOR ANOTHER SHORT EMAIL? Cuz that's what you're getting. Sorry love you! 

We had some pretty crazy stuff happen this week! First of all we freaking got pulled over by the cops hahahah it was quite an experience. We had been in an area for about five minutes and had knocked like three doors and then these cops come speeding around the corner like out of a movie and they pulled up on the curb next to us. They beckoned us over and we had to show them our residency cards and our ministerial certificates too. He checked through our bags and looked at our book of mormon and herstelling (restoration) pamphlets. Zr De Souza tried to do some missionary work and asked if he was religious, but he shut her down pretty quick and said he was atheist. Apparently people in the neighborhood were getting sketched out by us... two frickin girls in skirts. Really people? Anyway then they just asked us a bunch of questions about what we're doing and they let us go. Hahahah it was so hilarious and then we were like sucks to suck people we're going to keep working in this area. So yeah.

ALSO we had interviews this week and the worldwide missionary devotional! A bunch of changes were made to our daily schedule and key indicators so that was crazy! 

Zr De Souza and I both got a prompting to talk to this girl on the street who looked like she was in a hurry and had her headphones in.. so we did! And we gave her a Book of Mormon and exchanged numbers! Miracles!

Zr. Boyd made french toast with speculoos spread for me for breakfast on exchanges.. and it was HEERLIJK. She's a gem 

Then the greatest thing happened! On Sunday we had FOUR of our investigators come to church! It was so awesome! I love our people! 

Also I'm the worst and I have no pictures from this week... Sorry!

I love you!!

Love, Zuster Fordiani

1-the countryside. my love
2-with our investigators priscilla and chasidi and then their husband/dad

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 30 ~ alcohol chocolate...and SNOW


Another monday. Another email.

First off, shout out to my Mom and brother Anthony! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you people!

Second off, it snowed!!!!! It was super weak, lame snow, but it still snowed nevertheless.

This week was crazy. We had MLC up in Leiden, Netherlands on Friday so we got to have a sleepover in Gouda on Thursday night and then another sleepover on Friday night in Zoetermeer! Which means I got to see both my MTC comps! It was so great. MLC was really good and I learned a lot! It's always fun to go get spiritually uplifted and see all my friends! Saturday was insane and the trains were all screwy so we ended up traveling for SIX HOURS to get home on the train. It was death haha but we met some cool people and I met a girl from Utrecht! I love Utrecht.

I got a call from a random number this week and it was ZR LODDERS from Utrecht!! I was so excited to hear from her. She is the best.

Other funnies this week:
I ripped my coat in the armpit... again. Trying to reach my glove that fell in the crack by the train. I was lying on the ground trying to reach it and a guy came up and offered to help. When he found out I was trying to get my glove and not my cellphone he decided not to help though... awkward. BUT tender mercy! When we got on the train I found a glove on the ground!
Our investigator gave us chocolate.... we were eating it waiting for our train and there was a suspicious individually wrapped one. So we broke it open, sniffed it, and deemed it okay. Well it WASN'T OKAY. Freaking alcohol hahah it burned my mouth and then we were just coughing and spitting everywhere. Hahah pretty great.
Zr De Souza and I almost got separated on a train! I jumped on the train and then the doors started to close so Zr De Souza couldn't get on so I pulled an Elder Roberts and jumped through the closing doors and like superman opened them to get through. 

That's pretty much it.

I love you people!

Love, Zuster Fordiani


​1-Book of Mormon challenge :)
4-Some of the snow... it was pretty much melted
5-America vs. Canada hahah
6-New Years eve in our matching sweaters from the ward :)
7-Cluffy and I on exchanges in Antwerpen​