Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 19 ~ Food because... priorities

Hey hey iedereen. 

Transfer week was crazy but good. I got my new companion Zuster Wilkinson and I love her! She's super nice. We've been partying it up. It was sad saying goodbye to Zuster Merz, but I'm pumped for this next transfer!

On P-day we tried to go to the biggest castle in the Netherlands (which happens to be like 20 min from our apartment, who woulda known) but we got screwed over by public transportation. So we ended up at McDonald's. It was pretty chill. We're gonna try again today though.

Wednesday we learned how to make roti (I have no idea how to spell that). It's a Surinams food and it's these special tortillas with curry and oh is it HEERLIJK. We started out the transfer with finding three new potentials in one day! And we got our investigator Kester on baptismal date :) Hopefully Michael and Emiliano follow suit! I seriously love the people here. They are so stubborn and hard headed but so loving when you get to know them. One funny thing is that they do the kissy cheek thing when you say hello to close friends. So I was saying hi to Shauna and she started kissing my cheeks, but you have to do three kisses and I tried to pull back after the second and we ended up like half kissing. It was superrrr funny/awkward hahah.

We had a meeting in Gouda and I got a fresh, warm stroopwafel... so freaking yummy. And I finally tried oliebollen too! It's sort of like a scone. Sorry my emails are just always about food, but ya know.. priorities. 

Anyway I love you guys! :)

Zuster Fordiani

1-teeter totter life
2-finally got garlic nan in the centrum
3-Freaking chocolate butter is a thing here. CHOCOLATE BUTTEr
4-Mickey D's with the squad​

1-Zr Wilkinson!
2-Stroopwafels in Gouda

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