Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 18 ~ MAGGOTS and transfer calls!!

Okay this week was great but GUESS WHAT HAPPENED THIS MORNING LIKE AN HOUR AGO?!!?!? We moved our trash can outside on our balcony because there were fruit flies.. but you know what's worse than fruit flies? Maggots!!! Everywhere!! They were all in the trash can on the inside and outside of the bag so we decided to spray them to try to kill some and then they all started to crawl out and jump off the sides onto the deck! I almost threw up and then we dumped the old bag in a new bag and then took up all the floor boards on the deck and massacred those suckers. We stomped like 500 of them to death.

Anyway. It was a good week.

First of all Michael is amazing!! We had a lesson with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he is so on board. He's still nervous about baptism.. he says he wants to know everything before he makes that decision.. We're going to talk to him about it more on Wednesday. But the lesson was amazing because he has completely changed! He came to our lesson more humble, less argumentative, more attentive, in nice clothes, and clean. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and he loves it! During our lesson he opened up randomly to one of the chapters in 2 Nephi where it's quoting Isaiah and he was so surprised. He said that's what he had had to read before he joined another church! I think it was a sign.. and then he asked to pray at the end of the lesson. He started out with a memorized prayer but forgot how it goes so he started praying sincerely. He asked for help as he takes these next steps and was grateful that we had found him. I think it was his first out-loud sincere prayer ever. After the prayer the spirit hit us so strong. We all sat in silence for 5 or 10 minutes or however long. I don't even know. Tears were streaming down his face and I think he may have got his answer :)

We also found a wonderful husband and wife who we were able to teach the Restoration lesson to! And they are both interested to learn more! Whaaaat?! So cool. They said we can return and teach their whole family! I'm so pumped! I've never taught a family before.

Conference was this weekend! I hope you all watched it because I only got to see the first two sessions. Which were AMAZING. Holy cow. I love how much was said about the Book of Mormon. I have such a strong testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It has changed my life. And I continue to see the joy it brings into people's lives as they study the Book of Mormon.

TRANSFER NEWS: I'm staying in Utrecht! And i'll get my new companion on Wednesday--Sis. Wilkinson! I'm pumped to be staying in Utrecht, because we have amazing people here!

I hope you all have a great week!

Zuster Fordiani

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