Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 25 ~ LOKEREN

Hey hey everyone! Shout out from Belgium! 

Lokeren is suuuuuper different than Utrecht haha. I went from a huge city to a really small town. But it's really cute and the ward members are amazing! We've been given so much food already. #blessingsofachastelife. My new comp is Zuster De Souza and she's really nice. She's from Canada ay. 

Yesterday we had a super amazing miracle! We were knocking doors and we got let in! That has literally only happened twice on my mission. So this woman let us in and we taught her a lesson, and she doesn't have tons of interest in the church, but she said that if Jesus was knocking on her door then she would let him in so she let us in :) She gave us chocolate and she told us if we're ever homesick or just want to talk, we should knock on her door and visit her. She's also going to give us a tour of Brugge. Blessingsss

Also, apparently right after I left, they brought the car from the Harry Potter movies to Utrecht Centraal and opened a HP store... and my family is going to Harry Potter world this week. So yeah. Haha

I don't really have a anything to say this week, but I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Zuster Fordiani

2-Antwerpen Centraal
3-Fall colors
4-Zr. De Souza and I (back at it with the belgian waffles baby)
5-Last district meeting with the U-GO district :')
6-Last Utrecht squad selfie :(

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