Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 26 ~ happy turkey (chinese food??) day

This is going to be a super random email so geniet ervan!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all enjoyed some lekker turkey! Thanksgiving doesn't actually exist here but on Saturday our ward had a thanksgiving party together... of chinese food! It was super random, but so fun. 

So basically people here eat frites ALL THE TIME. We literally have had frites at dinner appointments with the most random foods like four times this week. But I'm not complaining.. my tummy might be a little though.

The work here in Lokeren is booming! We have six progressing investigators right now! They're all so great. I love missionary work!

Zr De Souza and I had to give a presentation for zone training and it actually went well! We also sang in front of EVERYONE. If any of yall don't know this... I don't actually sing so that was interesting haha. We got cheesecake though!! frEAKING CHEESECAKE. That stuff basically doesn't exist here so I was pretty pumped.

I went on exchanges with Zr Leman in Gent this week! Gent is beautiful!! We had so much fun together and we were able to get two lessons on the door! We went to the centrum at night and it was amazing. I want to go back for a p-day soon. 

Random things that happened this week:
Zr De Souza accidentally bought and ate some avocado alcohol chocolate.
I witnessed a man barking at a tree.
We found a handicapped man stranded and had to wheel him back to his house.

Also! Everyone needs to go check out the new Christmas Campaign! I'm excited to start the 25 days in 25 ways on the first of December. Check out the new video on :) #VERLICHTdeWERELD #LIGHTtheWORLD

Love, Zuster Fordiani

1-Sunsets for dayzz
2-Market day in Lokeren
3-Gent at night
4-Clever son of a gun
5-Chinese thanksgiving babayy
6-Chastity and I with our castle

 These are some pictures Olivia sent me (mom) because she knows I love to see where she is living! I sent her this Playmobile advent calendar because I know how much she loves foxes and all things princesses!

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