Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 45 ~ When eternigators come in clutch

With the new Easter Campaign, our zone made a goal of finding 60 new investigators in the two and a half weeks the campaign is running. That means each companionship needs to find about four new investigators. Zr. Musgrave and I made a couple new goals to try to reach the zone goal and one of those goals is to talk to at least five people per day other than knocking and appointments. So even when we have a really busy day, we still make time to talk to random people on the street and public transportation. We've seen some really cool miracles through it!

On Thursday we were walking in the park and we saw a guy sitting on a park bench with a bottle of beer next to him. I felt like we should talk to him so I contacted him and he turned out to be looking for a bible study! He is from Morocco and he just barely converted from Islam to Christianity. We made a return appointment with him, Hichame, for Saturday. He doesn't speak too much Dutch, mostly just French, Arabic, and Moroccan so he brought his friend to translate for us. His friend was kinda a biased translator though, so we were worried if we would be able to teach him. He agreed to come to church with us on Sunday. He showed up (we were slightly shocked) and he sat through sacrament meeting not knowing what was going on. We then went to gospel principles class and our eternigator Wieu was there. That turned out to be the biggest blessing because we forgot that Wieu also speaks Arabic!! He ended up translating the rest of church for Hichame and agreed to come on joint teach with us! We hope to help Hichame learn about the church and to help Wieu realize the testimony he has in the process. We're really excited.

We also overheard a guy speaking English and we contacted him and asked where he is from. Turns out he is from Rhode Island! AMERICA. Hahah Americans are weird. He took the train to Kampen with us and talked to us the whole time. He was so friendly! It was weird haha.

There was also another guy last night I felt like we should contact. We were on the way home and I felt kinda sick and I didn't really want to, but we did. And it turns out he didn't have any interest, but he talked to us almost all the way home and at the end of the conversation we found out he already has a Book of Mormon! I don't know why we were supposed to contact him, but I hope his interest is sparked to read the Book of Mormon.

The weather has been warming up a ton! I'm super happy. BUT this week on Wednesday we're going to Keukenhof and it's supposed to rain. So PLEASE pray for us because I really want it to be warm haha.

I hope you have a good week!

Z Fordiani

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