Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 47 ~ american... and mormon? #blessed plus tulips

Short email this week! We some awesome stuff happen this week. We went on exchanges and Zr Musgrave and Zr Harris looked up one of our Lamb of God referrals and she was super positive! She invited them right in and she is now a new investigator. While that was going down, Zr. Ibrahim and I went to a dinner appointment out in Emmeloord... the member is a tulip farmer! So we got to see some of the beautiful tulip fields. And I went the next day too with Zr. Musgrave for another appointment out there. The tulips are so beautiful! I guess our area is one of the areas with the most tulips in the Netherlands!! We're so blessed.

Iris is doing so well! We went to a lunch appointment with her and her husband and she is SO ready to be baptized. We are going to finish the lessons with her this week and then they are going to Paris to go to the new temple open house. Then they'll come back and she will be baptized!! Super, super exciting.

Another miracle: we were walking along the water to go look up a referral and a group of people were passing us and this woman came up to us and stopped us and say, "HEY!!" really excitedly. Well we knew right away that they were Americans because Dutch people do not do that hahah. But they were not only Americans, but Mormon Americans!! From Idaho and Texas! They were on a river cruise through the Netherlands. It was so good to get to talk to them! I love Americans and I love Mormons and combine that and that's just good stuff right there.

Ik hou van jullie,

Z Fordiani

exchanges & tulips

2-the things you learn on exchanges... zelf gemaakt
the rest-tulips

2-Zuster Westveer took us to see the tulips :)
3,4,5-Congrats to my sis and Carter!! Engaged​

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