Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 44 ~ #PrinceofPeace aaaannd GCONF

The #PrinceofPeace campaign has started! Go check it out on It is SUPER cool. We have a goal as a companionship to find three new investigators per week for the next two weeks that this campaign is running. Hopefully we can see some miracles :)

I didn't wear tights for the first time this week! First time in like five months hahah and I regretted it. It was cold! But it's warming up a lot.

My booties died. And I got new shoes!

We met a guy named an old indonesian guy named Roy on the street and he wants to visit me in America... doesn't have interest though.. he asked for my number and we gave him our missionary phone number.. hopefully he calls so we can try to convert him mwahaha.

We got the elders SO GOOD with an April fools joke. The elders texted us and asked what we were doing for conference and Zr. Musgrave has had feet problems for a long time, so we told them we were on a train to Leiden because her feet problems were getting really bad. They totally bought it. We let them eat it up all day and sent them updates and everything. Then when they called for weekly numbers at night we dropped it on them. Hahahah they were so pissed/shocked/impressed. It was good.

Aaaaaand we had GCONF!! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE. I'm so grateful we have a living prophet on the earth to lead and guide this church! We were able to watch one of the sessions with a less active (now kinda active) member and her two boys. SO FUN. I love that family. We set out cups with candy with the words jezus christus (jesus christ), gebed (prayer), geloof (faith), and familie (family) on them and if we heard the word we took a piece of candy. We also built a fort. Duh. Just like the good old days.

I haven't watched all the sessions of general conference yet, but I really liked some parts of Elder Clayton's talk. He said, "We will never be alone in our infirmities if we walk with Him."And,"In our moments of deepest grief, we can find comfort in our Savior." I have a testimony that these things are true. I have experienced them in my own life and I know that the Savior can help us through ANY trial we go through. I invite you all to come to Him and he will make up the rest. And if you haven't watched conference yet, DO IT.


z fordiani

2,3-dead shoes
5-ayyyy UTAH graffiti
6-gconf fort

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