Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 56 ~ 50 miler, evil geese, and gebakken banaan?

Monday we woke up at 4:45 and biked 50 MILES to Giethoorn and back!! It took six hours (because we got lost so many times) and it was 95 degrees... no biggie. I thought I was melting. We got lost because we didn't have a map and only google directions to guide us... haha but we met some awesome people on the way who showed us where to go! We met some Canadians, had to take a ferry, and ended up in a National park somehow. But it was all good and a Dutch couple led us from there all the way to Giethoorn :')

We were in Zwolle on Tuesday for district meeting and afterwards we had planned that we would go look up a potential. We walked out of the church and saw our favorite food truck and decided we wanted to get gebakken banaan (fried bananas) because we're, well, addicted. But then we really felt like we needed to go right away to the potential's house. It would only take 5 min to get the gebakken banaan, but we decided to listen to the prompting and go. Well the potential wasn't home, but we knew we needed to knock his area a bit. We knocked a couple doors and no one answered. The first woman who answered her door had interest and we gave her a BvM and made a return appointment! She was in a hurry so she quickly made the appointment with us, took the book, and then had to run out the door. If we would've taken 5 min to get the gebakken banaan we would've missed her! The spirit knows!!

We decided we wanted to switch it up a bit this week and try some to contact people while duck feeding. Welllllll the contacting part didn't go as well as planned.. and neither did the duck feeding. The ducks were so cute, but then the freaking evil geese came and started hissing at us and chasing us!! They are so brave. One of them came and stood right next to us. freaking scary stuff dude. we tried tho

It cooled down a bunch at the end of this week and we got some lekker thunderstorms!! My fav. We also got to do a bunch of yard work for people. The weeds just pop out of the ground so easily here. So different than in Utah hah.

We had an appointment with the woman we met from the Dominican Republic! She's awesome. She also wants her daughter to learn more too! So we're going back to teach them this week. We didn't even have to ask for a return appointment.. they asked us to come back. YES

We also met a funny guy this week hahah his name is Ron. Here are some quotes from him:
"You're real mormons?!""
Talking to Zr. Elggren: "What does she (pointing at me) have that you don't?... Pigment."
"You look like you're going to punch me."


zuster fordiani

get ready for lots of pictures of giethoorn...

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