Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 55 ~ transfer 9. hanze dagen and Iris' baptism

This is gonna be a quickie because we're doing a 50 mile bike ride to Giethoorn... pray for us. 

I just wanna tell you guys about Thursday. Freaking best day. Two of the cool things that happened:

We had knocked a door a couple weeks earlier and the woman had said "another time." Lots of times that means they don't have interest and they're just trying to be nice, but we decided to go back. We pulled out the Book of Mormon and she got really excited! She told us she's from the Dominican Republic and she used to have that book and read it a lot and go to church! So we don't know if we just found a lost member or a new investigator! We're excited to find out! We're bringing her a new book in Spanish this week.

A few weeks ago we were knocking doors and we gave a Book of Mormon to this 21 year old girl! We tried to go back a couple times to see what she thought about it, but she was never home. On Thursday we tried again and she opened the door and before we or she could say anything, her mom came out of the room from behind her and got really excited and just said, "It's you!" We were kind of confused, but then she went on to explain that her and her husband had been in America on vacation for a month and they had gotten home that day from guess where? Salt Lake City! They had visited Temple Square and had been in Utah for a while. Right before they got on their plane they had also seen a bunch of return missionaries coming home and they stopped and watched for an hour. They talked with the missionaries about what they were doing and filmed it and the wife was so touched she even started crying. Then when they got home, they saw the Book of Mormon lying on the table and we knocked on their door that evening! She said she knew this was not a coincidence and she knew that God was winking at us right now. They let us in and we talked about the Book of Mormon with them, their vacation, and about what we do as missionaries. They want to learn more and we have a return appointment with them for next week! They are awesome! I know that God makes everything happen for a reason. I'm grateful for the sister missionaries at temple square who talked to this family and helped open their hearts a little bit. I'm excited to teach them!

Yesterday was Iris' baptism!! It was a beautiful day and I'm so happy that she took the step to follow Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the authority of God. (pictures to come) :)

This weekend was also Hanze dagen! It is a celebration of cities that used to be trade cities. There are about 100 different cities in 10 European countries that are involved. There's an international group of these cities that are called Hanze cities and every year they choose one of the cities to have the celebration in! And this year was Kampen!!! We were super lucky to be there! We didn't get to participate in any of the activities (because we're consecrated missionaries) ;) but it was super fun to see! 

I'll send pictures and videos hopefully later in the day, because we're at the church and I forgot my thing to upload pictures.

Loveeeee youuuuuu

Zr. Fordiani

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