Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 53 ~ ONE YEAR--bible bashing & almost getting kisses

ok ok ok i gotta be snel but i have some really cool (and random) things that happened this week that i wanna share. ps sorry this is on Tuesday instead of Monday, but yesterday was pinkster day so the libraries are all closed so our pday got moved to Tuesday. yeah.

I went on exchanges with Zr. Mangum in Groningen! Zr. Lechtenberg is also up there in a four man so our MTC trio was reunited a couple of days before our year mark! While we were in Groiningen, Zr. Mangum and I wanted to look up one of their potentials, Tom, that they only had the street address of... he just moved to Groningen so he couldn't remember his house number. So we decided to just go and start knocking the street to see if we'd run into him. We start biking along the street and we see freaking Tom biking toward us!! Teder barmhartigheden!

Another cool thing was before exchanges we were waiting in the station for the Groningen sisters to meet us there and I was sitting on a bench across from this guy. This guy looked SO familiar to me. I don't know why. I knew I needed to talk to him so I awkwardly sat next to him and asked if I knew him hahah. Well.. I didn't, but we ended up having a good conversation about religion and I got his number and gave him a Book of Mormon! Boo ya

On my one year mark we had a lesson planned with one of our new investigators. Before the lesson we texted and asked if we could bring another member with us and she said it was fine and asked if she could also invite two friends along from her bible study. We weren't really sure what to expect, but we thought that maybe they could've been positive and interested. Soooo we show up and they were not positive or interested. They turned out to be missionaries from another church. Hahaha they ended up just wanting to bible bash the whole time and prove us wrong. We were so grateful to have a member there with us! She did awesome. She just calmly asked, "Do you even plan on reading the Book of Mormon?" Fire. I love talking about religion with people, but not to bible bash. We're just here to invite people to read the Book of Mormon and they can choose to do that or not. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon!

Later on that same day we saw a cute little old man on a bench. We decided to talk to him... turns out he didn't speak any English or Dutch at all (except the words eten(food) and huis(house)). Normally in those situations the conversation quickly ends because well, you can't really communicate with eachother. In this case though, this old man was speaking to us for about 10 minutes and we just kept nodding and showing him picutres of Jesus, trying to get the point across of what we do.. anyway to make long story short, he started pointing toward his house and trying to invite us over for food? I think. And then he grabbed my hand and started kissing it and then he had my hand in a iron grip and started dragging me away!!! Zr. Elggren grabbed my other hand and then they were like tug-a-warring with me! Then he let go, turned around, grabbed my face, and tried to kiss me!! I whipped my head away super quick and then we were like uhhh let's get outta here haha. Then he started following us to our bikes and we were like no stay. then he tried to give us 20 euros and then we said no and we biked away. the end. hahah so yeah

Another cool thing.. we had an awkward amount of time before we needed to catch a train. A little too much time to just sit and do nothing, but not enough to actually go somewhere. We both felt like we just needed to start walking away from the station and street contact. So the first girl we see had her earphones in, but we stopped her and she turned out to be super nice and interested! We gave her a book of mormon and got her number. YES. Following the promptings of the spirit is ALWAYS a good thing to do. :)

Random thing: This guy randomly started texting us a couple weeks ago because he said he wanted to meet with us! So we were like okay cool. We've been trying to set up a good day for an appointment. Well we've been texting him in Dutch this whole time (because his first text was just bible verses so we assumed he speaks Dutch because we live in the Netherlands). So then we asked him if he has time to meet with us this week and he said,"zeker! doet Skype werk?" which is bad, obviously google translated Dutch... also we were confused why he needed to Skype with us to meet with us.. so we asked him if he lives in the kampen/zwolle area and he said, "No. Denver, Colorado." Hahah wait what? We were so confused! Apparently he found our number somehow (we actually have no clue how..) and he has interest in the church. He thought we were "messing with him" because we were texting him in Dutch. he had been google translating all of our texts and his responses. Super funny/random. Anyway we referred him to the Denver missionaries. 

Last thing! Okay remember that one week how I told you about the investigator with the dream about the number 24!? she came to church on Sunday and told us she wants to get baptized on june 24th!!!! ahhhhh! we are super excited to help her! hopefully we can get everything in order so we can help her make that step so soon :) it was cool too because we were fasting for help to know what baptismal dates we should set with some of our investigators. and then she came up and told us when she wants to get baptized. Super cool.

Okay yeah that was a long email but I love you people!

zr fordiani

1-5 we went to a sand sculpture museum last Monday

sand castle museum
reunited with MTC comps!
our finds at the huge market/yard sale in kampen on pinkster dag

1-3 what we do with our free time at night... people watch
4,5 little did you know five minutes after these pictures were taken a man tried to kiss me #happyoneyear​

pros at biking with no hands

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