Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 59 ~ EDSON


Edson is a member referral from a member in Groningen. We called him and made an appointment for the next day. He's from Angola and his first language is Portuguese, but his Dutch is really good. When we met with him we were blown away. He is the most prepared person I have ever met. He is humble, repentant, kind, and completely ready to change his life. He cried as he told us how he wants the pain from his mistakes to go away and how he wants to follow Jesus before it's too late. He had been checking the doors for the church because he wanted to meet with us so bad. He told us he's ready to serve in the church and pay money to help the church. He wants to give up alchohol and bad friends and drugs. His member friend in Groningen gave him a Book of Mormon and he had already been reading it, watching videos on the interent, and reading about our church. We have already met with him a couple times and when we were talking about the celestial kingdom, Edson said that he read about Joseph's brother Alvin who passed away and asked if that is where he would be. He came to church and wore a nice button up shirt and he looked so good. He also has a sister in Angola who is a member and a member cousin in Portugal. They have been testifying to him about the Book of Mormon hard core! It's so awesome! He remembered the scriptures we had shared with him and marked them in his book. Edson is amazing!!! And he accepted the invitation to be baptized on August 12th!!! We are so so so blessed to have the privilege of helping him prepare for baptism!
Other cool things:

We looked at our map for a new area to knock and prayed about a street and when we got there it was next to a GIANT church hahaha. Normally we aren't supposed to proselyte by other churches too much, but the Holy Ghost led us there sooo we decided to do it anyway. And we've already found three new potentials, taught a lesson, were let in to a couple houses, and have a return appointment! Super cool.

Zr. Leman took Zr. Elggren and I on the spirit animal journey... and I am a cheetah. Zr. Elggren is a tortoise hahah.

TRANSFER NEWS: I am leaving the beautfiul city of Kampen and am white-washing into BREDA, Nederland with a greenie!! I'm super excited!


Zuster Fordiani

1-ik hou van KAMPEN
2-our door was randomly painted haha
3,4-smores on bread?
5-I started a sketch book :)
6-goodbye zwolle


​​​​​​1-ice cream
2-Robert, our investigator from Ghana
3-best day ever--after our first lesson with Edson

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