Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 60 ~ BREDAAAA

This week was bittersweet. Saying goodbye to members and investigators is the worst! But the sweet part is meeting the new ward that I get to serve and the new investigators I get to help progress towards baptism!

On Wednesday, July 26 at 12:02pm (ongeveer) I GAVE BIRTH to a tall, black haired, absolutely gorgeous, hilarious baby. Hahah. Zr Klenk is from Nova Scotia, Canada (but grew up in Utah) and we are so pumped to work in Breda! 

Transfer day was insane. There were about 30 missionaries coming in, 30 missionaries training them, and 30 missionaries going home. All in the office on Wednesday. It was crazy. But I gotta see Zr Merz, Zr Cathers, and Zr Winkel!!! I love them. I´m gonna miss them and Zr Wilkinson so much as they abandon me here. Haha it´s fine. I´m not salty at all. Lol but I´m actually super glad I don´t have to go home yet and get to stay in the best place in the world! Okay now picture this... Zr Klenk and I with five suitcases, a backpack, two bags, and a bike with NO CLUE where we are going. We followed some elders for a while, were lead astray (we got off at the wrong stop), got back on track, and hauled tons of crap in and out of trains until we finally made it to Breda. I locked my bike up at the station and then we were able to take a bus and find our apartment! We live across the street from the church and down the road from the grocery store. It´s super netjes. 

Okay flash forward to Friday... Zr Klenk and I went to knock doors for the first time. The first three doors get slammed in our face haha and THEN a man comes out and starts yelling at us and telling us he is going to call the police on us unless we leave NOW. Hahah i felt so freaking bad because it was Zr Klenk´s first time! I promised her that´s not how it always is haha. 

Saturday we had an appointment in the evening so we looked up how to get there and thought we would be okay.... well we ended up having to run to the bus stop which turned out to be not in use right now. Soooo we wandered all the way to the station and were able to find the bus to our appointment. Afterwards, I thought it´d be a good idea to bring my bike home. Well my bike is getting old and my seat got ripped off during transfer day (it was already half ripped off), so I balanced the seat on there and told Zr Klenk to achterop (sit on the back). It was going okay..... until Zr Klenk freaking fell off the back straight onto her butt hahaha I was dying. So funny. Zr Klenk ended up riding my bike and I just jogged along the side. Then we just walked. 

White washing, ya know? It´s an adventure.

AND YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST. Our ward is HUGE!! Two branches, Tilburg and Turnhout, were recently closed so they were combined with the Breda ward and there are so many people! It´s awesome! There are even some Americans in our ward! Really weird. We also have NINE missionaries in our ward. It´s a big change compared to last transfer with just Zr Elggren and I haha. After church we went out proselyting and met the coolest people! We gave a Book of Mormon to a guy in the park and got two other new investigators as we were knocking doors. One lady, Badia, was AMAZING. She is kinda muslim, kinda Christian, and kinda Buddhist. She had been praying that Heavenly Father would send her the answer she needed because she is going blind and just got divorced. She told Him that she´d accept anything He sent her way. She had the feeling that she needed to go home and right when she got home we showed up! We had an awesome conversation with her and she accepted the Book of Mormon. Zr Klenk opened her mouth and testified and said an amazing prayer and we all felt the spirit so strong. We all hugged and Badia took a selfie with us and told us she was going to write about us on her facebook page and told us to make sure our tags were showing and that we are angels. She´s amazing! As Zr Klenk and I walked away, neither of us could remember what we had been said to her and I know that the words we (especially Zr Klenk as she testified and prayed) spoke were given to us by the spirit and were what Badia needed to hear. We´re super excited to go back and teach her and her children next week!

See you people in FOUR MONTHS! ahhh

Zuster Fordiani

1-3 Last days in Kampen/Zwolle
4 I found tennis racquets in our new apartment...
5-7 yeah i don´t know

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