Saturday, July 16, 2016

Arrived Safely... 1st location ~ Utrecht, Netherlands

Dear Parents of Zuster Fordiani,

We are very delighted to receive your daughter in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. She arrived safely on Tuesday the 12th of July with a smile, eagerness to serve, some trepidation and a little jet lagged!

Thanks for preparing her to serve the Lord as she will perform a great work as a missionary.  We will do all we can to love her as our own and help her fulfill the call to be that valiant servant.

Her companion is Zuster Cathers and Zuster Merz and they will be serving in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

I am sending a few shots of the first day with her group, new companion, a Dutch lunch and President and me. Enjoy!

Gratefully with love,
Sister Bunnell

President Bunnell
Belgium/Netherlands Mission

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