Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 8 ~ Hallo hallo!

Hallo hallo! 

I love the Netherlands!! And I love being a missionary! This past week has been so crazy and fun starting to get the hang of missionary work. We knock doors every day and mostly just hear "geen interest" from people (zero interest), BUT sometimes we find that one person who wants to listen and that makes it all worth it! This week after many days of knocking with no success, a man named Michael accepted a Book of Mormon and told us he would read it! It was so great! Another miracle that happened this week is that our investigator Emiliano came to church yesterday with his two young sons! He could only stay for sacrament meeting, but he LOVED it and said he could feel the spirit so strongly! Yes! 

Utrecht is kinda crazy, but beautiful! I definitely was not expecting to be put in one of the biggest cities in the country when I first got here, but it's great! Our area is huge and we either bus it, take the train, or take really long bike rides everywhere. But it's cool because I love bike riding so much.

Dutch is coming along well! I maybe understand 50% of what's going on, but it's awesome! Hahahah. I'm learning a lot though and it helps to really be immersed in the language. Luckily literally everyone speaks English though as well. So if you ever really need to get a point across, you can just chuck in the English word and they all know what you're trying to say and help you learn the Dutch word. :')

This last week has been SO HOT though! Humidity is insane! It's been in the 90s all this week and I definitely was not expecting that. Plus, no one in this country has air conditioning in their homes, so we basically just drip sweat all day long. Our apartment has been 90 degrees when we come home for the night at 9 pm. But it's all good and these past couple of days have cooled down a bit :)

I love my companions! We get along so well and always have a good time knocking and getting ice cream (like every day haha whoops).

I love the Netherlands and helping people come unto Christ. It can be hard some days, but it's all so worth it. I know that the Savior can help us with all our trials and hard times, and he knows exactly how we feel. He is there for us and will make up everything for us when we fall short. 

Ik houd van jullie! Sorry this email is all over the place!

Zuster Fordiani (or Zuster Italy or Zuster Spaghetti as the ward members know me as...)

PS my new address to send letters to is
Dr. Max Euwestraat 10
3554 E2 Utrecht

1&2-Why did the swans cross the road? (I don't have a punch line, sorry.)
3- We live above the grocery store, so naturally we take the shopping cart to our apartment, duh.
4- Cat selfie with my new friend I made while knocking.
5- I love knocking :)

1,2,3-Nederland is BEAUTIFUL
4- We're obsessed with ice cream
5- Waiting for the bus

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