Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 36 ~ transfer calls

Transfer calls were on Saturday night and... I'm staying in Lokeren and getting Zuster Winkel! Zuster De Souza is heading up to Den Helder. I'm excited to spend another six weeks in teeny little Lokeren :)

On Monday we went to Ieper! It was BEAUTIFUL. We saw a bunch of World War One sites and were able to go to the trenches. The Kortrijk members are awesome and gave us a tour and drove us around to the different sites. So we got a tour from the locals in flaams! So cool. Also. Tolkien came up with Lord of the Rings while he was in the war in those freaking trenches!! Pretty amazing.

One day we left our apartment and a lady pulled over in her car and told me that my skirt was tucked up.. I looked back expecting it to be only a bit up and it was ALL THE WAY UP. Thank goodness I was wearing tights...

We met a guy on the door and he gave us his number!! We were really excited because that doesn't usually happen. But then LITERALLY five minutes laterwe get a text from him that says, "hey." Ummmmm no that's not why we're here hahaha. Then again and then another that says, "Kun we praten." Hahah then we invited him to church. He didn't come. Jammer.

Friday was MLC. I love Nederland. And Zuster Merz. Afterwards, we met a drunk lady on the street who absolutely loved us hahah. I gave her a flower.

Sunday we had four investigators show up to church! We were super pumped!! Benny and Amelia (father and daughter) are still super excited and progressing towards their baptism date of March 1st! I'm so excited for them :)

Ik hou van jullie allemaal!

Zuster Fordiani

3-no coat weather baby!
4-the yw :)

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