Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 38 ~ John Baptist's Head

We met this super cool guy, David, last week doing bell ups and we got his number and told us we could make an appointment with him. So we had our first lesson with him in this little cafe around the corner from his apartment and it was one of the best first lessons I've ever had on my mission! He's searching for a church and the truth, and he was so open and asked tons of great questions. It was amazing! He had already read a little bit of the Book of Mormon we had given him on the door and had done some research on our church ON THE CORRECT WEBSITE WE GAVE HIM. That never happens. Usually people go to some random websites and then tell us they read all this stuff about our church. Stuff that's not even true. Smh. That's like trying to find information for a paper in school and then using Wikipedia. It doesn't work people. Not a good source. But David, this little baller, went to and looked up some stuff about our church! So cool. He also was really excited when we told him we teach more lessons and we also help people prepare for baptism. So we're going to go back and teach him again and he wants us to teach his girlfriend too! I'm really excited.

On Saturday, we tried to go visit a member's wife in the care center. He's this little old man and he asked us to go visit her. So we went got off the bus and found the building, but could not find the entrance anywhere. After we had finally found the entrance and wandered around for a bit, we found the front desk and asked where her room was. She told us that they didn't have a patient with that name... we were so frustrated because it had taken us forever to get out there and we had just been having an unlucky day so far. So we went out to the bus stop and were complaining and guess who happens to show up at that exact time and sit down a little bit away from us? Brother V! The member whose wife we were trying to visit! He could have been there ANY time of the day and he just happens to walk up and sit down next to us. It was such a wake up call from God. I could just hear him saying, "Don't you trust me? Where's your faith?" We were able to ask him where she was and go visit her (she was in a different building). She was so happy that we visited her and the next day at church Brother V kept thanking us over and over and saying, "God bless you." And he was telling everyone in the ward that we had visited her. It was so amazing to be able to help Brother V and his wife. I'm so grateful that God is aware of us and will help us in times of need!

Yesterday after church we were knocking some doors and some guys were walking towards us on the street. One had a Raiders hat on and Zuster Winkel is a huge NFL fan so she asked him about his hat and then told him what we were doing here. He didn't have any interest, but his friend was kind of listening. But then they both left. So we keep walking down the street and then the friend appears in front of us again from the opposite direction he was walking in. We were super confused. He came up to us and we were able to tell him more about what we were doing and get his number and address! We are going to make an appointment with him soon. We walked away and then we realized that he must've ran around the block super fast to talk to us again. It was super awesome to see how much interest he had in learning more! God truly does put prepared people in our path!

Zuster Winkel and I also found three spiders in our hair this week.. EACH. They were only babies.. but still. So nasty. I got super paranoid so I vacuumed our whole house and beds and couches.

This muslim guy tried to convert us to islam and we read a little bit out of the koran. But we ended up giving him a BoM and were able to share the Joseph Smith story with him! People are so much more open if you just listen. 

We were able to give out a bunch more Books of Mormon this week and have a lot of good lessons with investigators and people on the door and bus! It was a great week. 

AND next week we have a baptism on March 1st of two of our investigators, Benny and Amelia. It's a father and daughter who are part of a part member family. We're almost done with everything with them. We just need to get their interviews done and plan the baptism. They will be getting baptized on Amelia's 10th birthday. I'm SO excited for them. It will also be my half way mark so yay :)

I love this gospel!! and 


Love, Zuster Fordiani

​​​​​​​​​​I love Gent! the third picture is of john baptist's head??

1,2,7-We love Belgium
3,4-Nastiest candy in the world
5-lekker weekly planning
6-bunnies in lokeren :)

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