Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 37 ~ transfer six

Super short email... I'm sorry!!


A member gave me a pair of shoes for free! Yay

I sent Zr. De Souza off to Den Helder and got Zr. Winkel! She's awesome. She's from Colorado!

Aaaaand we basically knocked all week. But we saw some crazy awesome miracles! We gave out so many Books of Mormon this week in tons of different languages. A couple in Dutch, one in Polish, one in Turkish, and one lady wants one in French. Pretty cool! We found a bunch of potentials and two of the girls even gave us waffles on the doorstep. Yesss

We are almost completely out of food in our apartment and so we ate some of Zr. De Souza's left over gluten free pasta for dinner one night... let's just say I'm really glad I'm not gluten free. It was like playdoh! Haha sorry de suzie

We also met a 17ish yr old guy on the street who kept following us around and waiting for us while we were knocking doors. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he had some interest?? maybe?? He asked us if we could have a boyfriend on our mission and if we had kissed someone before and how it was... and then kept asking us to give him a hug. Hahah so weird. At least he has a BoM though right?


Love, Zuster Fordiani

1,8- waffles in Antwerpen centraal
2-frites for life
6,7-cutest little bakery in Lokeren

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