Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 39 ~ We're PREGNANT??? and I'M HALF WAY woot woot

This week was oh so good. We went to Brugge on p-day! I'm obsessed with Brugge. It's so cute! Plus we got waffles with my favorite--speculoos. I'll send pics :)

It was raining and a bus came around the corner and through a huge puddle and I got soaked. I thought that only happened in movies haha.

We went to this teeny little dorpje (village) called Daknam and looked up some potentials we found in our area book and knocked a little bit. Not only was it absolutely beautiful out there, but one of the potentials was so positive! We talked to him on his door a little bit and he started out kinda saying he doesn't have any interest, but as we continued to talk to him, he opened up a bit and shared his ideas and thoughts. He has read a bit in the Book of Mormon and basically told us he knows it's true. What?! so cool. We got his number and are excited to go back and teach him and his wife :)

We got frites for weekly planning this week and we literally ran home because we were so excited to eat them and had been waiting all week for them haha.

Saturday was awesome. We had our final lesson with Benny and Amelia and they both passed their baptismal interviews! They are so cool and so ready!! I'm SO excited for their baptism on Wednesday. Our last lesson with them was really cool. Benny retold us his experience when he decided to get baptized so I'm gonna share it with you guys. :) He had been coming to church with his family and investigating for a while, but wasn't sure if he was going to get baptized. A member in our ward passed away and he went to the funeral, and it changed him. He really started thinking about life after death and he saw how much the church was like a big family. The member who passed away had only one mission in his life--to convert one person. He had said if he could convert one person to the true gospel, his mission on earth was complete. When Benny was at the funeral, he realized that that one person was him. He decided to get baptized :) I know that Benny and Amelia are both making the right decision and I'm so happy for them! I know this gospel is true and brings so much happiness to individuals and families!

OKAY AND ALSO. We got a phone call la​​​​​​st night from President... and WE'RE PREGNANT!! We're getting a greenie on Wednesday, right before the baptism! Her name is Zuster Spijkerman and she's from Zwolle, Nederland. She's going to Suriname on her mission, but she will be visa waiting with us for a couple weeks or months.. however long until she gets her visa :) So we're literally giving birth on my 9 month mark. Hahah kinda toevallig. I'm excited! We're gonna have a party trio. :)

I can't believe it's already my half way mark. The time has FLOWN. I'm so grateful to be here and to have the opportunity to serve the Lord! I love missionary work!

Love, Zuster Fordiani


1-We had a district photo competition... let's just say Zr. Winkel and I went all out. The theme was comp unity. Eenheid means unity in Dutch. We won... nuff said
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