Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 41 ~ goat herding say what

I can't even remember what happened this week. I just remember it was good...

Monday we played basketball in the Brussels church with the zone. It was super fun. We also went to the chocolate factory and made ourselves sick eating all-you-can-eat chocolate. so fun haha

I HAD CHEESECAKE for the first time in 9 months. Oh baby

We played ping pong... i still got it. And i beat the elders that have been trash talking me. Sucks to suck.

Saturday: WE SAVED A GOAT'S LIFE. It got out of it's pasture so we chased/followed it back over the fence and then lifted up the gate so it would go in, but the darn goat would not go in! It was just standing next to us so it looked like we were trying to steal a freaking goat haha. It eventually went back in. Then Zr. Winkel's bike broke and we had to walk home from Eksaarde, a teeny little village 9 km away from Lokeren. We tried to fix her bike (unsucessfully) and our hands got all dirty, so Zr. Winkel rubbed her hand on this plant which turned out to be poisonous.. who wudda thunk? We finally got home and did weekly planning with the family pack of frites.. the size of this thing is unbelievable. #heartattack #wefinisheditintwentyminutes #ialmostdiedtho

Our seven-year-old investigator, Chasidi, read ten chapters of the Book of Mormon in a week! That's more than any adult investigator I've ever had haha. She loves the reading chart we printed out for her with stickers to put on each chapter she's read. And she said, "I don't like the Book of Mormon... I LOVE it!" I love her.

Heavy dirty soul by Twenty one pilots came on while we were grocery shopping today!! I was freaking out. Tedere barmhartigheden 

Guys why are my emails always mainly about food?

I love you people!

Love, Zuster Fordiani

1-Us with Chasidi
2-​​familie pak say what??
3-chocolate fountain with speculoos
4-baby bananas
5-goat herding
6-manneke pis
7-frog friend!

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