Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 40 ~ Baptism

This week was so crazy but oh so good. On Monday we spent the day in Brussels! We went to the centrum, saw Manneke pis (the famous statue of the boy peeing), went inside the atomium, and got waffles and sandwiches. It was super fun. We're going back today to go to the chocolate museum (all you can eat chocolate) and to play sports at the church with the zone.

Wednesday was the BEST. I hit my half way mark, we had janky shoarmas and frites, we picked up our new companion Zr. Spijkerman, and BENNY AND AMELIA ARE GEDOOPT!! 

On Friday we went up to Leiden for MLC and the night before we had a sleepover with seven people at the Antwerpen sisters apartment. Partaaaay

I'm don't feel like my words can really describe how good of a week it was, so I'm just gonna send a lot of pictures :)

Love, Zuster Fordiani

"Marshall Mathers." -Amsterdam zone leaders
"Is that a general authority?" -President

3-pannekoeken party
6-Bikes for life
7-waffles all day erry day

1-Manneke pis dressed up for carnival week
3-blurry pic of us all matching with Nikolai
4-kinda screwy panorama of brussels centrum!
6-part of the berlin wall :)
7-the crew​​
8,9-MLC homies
10-the view from the atomium (notice the clay tennis courts!!!!)​

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