Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 43 ~ This email is coming to you... straight outta KAMPEN

This week was TRANSFER WEEK. so that equals crazy. 

On Monday we went to Antwerpen and said some goodbyes. Tuesday we had the coolest lesson with Violet about the plan of salvation. She LOVED it. She said if everyone knew our message there would be so much more hope in the world!
Wednesday was transfer day. That means trying to transport three suitcases and a bike on five different trains and rolled on cobblestones. Not fun. But fun at the same time. I'm back in the Netherlands!! I missed this place. It's so clean and organized. And BEAUTIFUL. Plus I got to overstap in Utrecht Centraal station and see Zr. Wilkinson and Elder Roberts right before he flew home. I missed that place and those people. 

We got to Kampen and it is SO CUTE!! There's lots of water and cute old buildings and sailboats. I love it. Our apartment is HUGE. It's the biggest in the mission hahah I was shocked when I saw it. We live in the centrum! My comp is Zr. Musgrave from Mesa, Arizona :)

On Thursday on the way to a dinner appointment, we were talking to eachother in English and the people sitting across from us on the bus starting talking to eachother in Dutch about our name tags and who they thought we were. Haha little do they know we speak Dutch :) So we called the girl out and asked what she wanted to know. Turns out she's a Theology student and had never heard about our church. We had a cool conversation with her about how we have a living prophet to guide our church. :)

We got a new investigator, Roy. He's super positive and I'm really excited to work with him! We also got to do a bunch of service this week which made me really happy. I love service. We picked up trash for this place where they are going to let sheep graze and then after we helped Tineke with her garden and planted flowers :) I also got to meet Zr. Spijkerman's fam haha small world.

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK. I miss my homies in Lokeren though--I LOVE YOU Zr. Winkel and Zr. Spijkerman!

Also you guys get a joke this week... Do you know what's intense?... Kampen.
Get it? In tents? Camping? I'm really lame ok i'm gonna end this now love you bye

Z Fordiani

1-My favs!

2-more goodbyes
3-the homies
4-my people!
6-Our apartment is the red brick :)
8-Zr. Musgrave :)
10,11,12-Me and my bb swagging it up before I left​

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