Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 48 ~ KONING'S DAG

This week we did a lot of referral contacting. We had a Facebook campaign where people could order the Lamb of God video for free, and then it's sent to them and we go visit them and see if they got the video and if they have more interest. Well we had tons of referrals that live in random little towns pretty far away so we spent the week traveling out and contacting them. And we finished!! Whooo. None of the ones who live far away were interested, but the two who live in Kampen are! Yes. Blessings of a chaste life.

Thursday was Koning's Dag (King's day)!! It's the king's birthday and it is the second biggest holiday in the Netherlands after Christmas. Everyone wears orange and goes out to the market and sells all their crap and parties haha. Our whole district went out to Enschede and set up a stand and talked to people from 9 to 5. We gave out a bunch of books of Mormon! Quite a few in German as well because Enschede is next to the border and some Germans come over for the festivities. Luckily we had the Hengelo ward misison leader with us.. he can speak German. It was a super fun day!

We had a really good lesson with Roy! I love him! He's progressing a lot and is really open and ready to learn more. He's our most positive investigator right now.. along with Iris. Iris and her husband (along with the rest of the ward) are in Paris on vacation right now to visit the Paris France temple open house! I wish we could go haha. It looks so beautiful.

Aaaaaaand TRANSFER CALLS.... I'm staying in Kampen and getting Zr. Elggren! I'm excited to stay because Kampen is soooo beautiful and it has so much potential. I'm excited to work here for another month and a half.

Shout out to my Dad! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

I love you people!

Z Fordiani

1-hema hotdogs
2-on the bus
3-koning's dag parade.. we had the best view from our apartment
4-What do you find important in life? on Koning's dag
5,6-Koning's dag

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