Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 52 ~ biking and biking and... biking

​​Heyyy guys

When i think back on what we did this week all i can think of is.. biking. haha the train between Kampen and Zwolle is going to stop running for a couple months so they can work on the tracks so there's a bus instead, but it takes a lot longer to get to Zwolle... so Zr. Elggren and I have started biking! It's 16 miles round trip and we've done it 4 times already this week haha. It's super fun. But super hot now all of a sudden! We got really sun burnt.

The highlights of this week were definitely the two lessons we had with our new investigators!

First we taught Ekren and Seran. They're from Turkey and they are muslim-ish but want to learn about Jesus Christ! Seran speaks Dutch and Turkish, but Ekren only speaks Turkish so Seran translated for him. It was super cool! Also Ekren is a freaking famous Turkish singer???! We looked him up on YouTube and he has like 15,000 views on his videos haha he's good!

We also taught Marlies!! She's AMAZING. We weren't sure how much interest she had at first, but when we went back for our appointment, she had already done some research on the Book of Mormon and where it comes from and she had tons of questions and was super open! She's so cool. We taught a restoration lesson and she was just very sincere. And she gave us stroopwafels and hugs at the end! Ah! She told us that she told her parents that we were coming over and that we were from America and her dad was wondering what language we communicate in. She told them Dutch, and he said, "Well their church must be true, because that's a miracle!" Hahaha

I hope you all had a wonderful week! I know the gospel is true!

Love you

zr fordiani

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