Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 30 ~ Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS ya filthy animals. I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Christmas with lots of snow and yummies. 

I'm gonna keep this email short and sweet so here are some fun things that happened this last week:

Last p-day we went to Mechelen and caroled as a zone :)
I played bean boozled (a jelly bean game) on exchanges in Antwerpen and had to eat barf, rotten egg, and canned dog food flavored jelly beans... lekker
Zr De Souza and I were literally two steps away from being blown up by some stupid kids fireworks haha it was fetching scary
Our investigator Murtaza fed us dinner again! Yesss and he finally came to church! We took the train with him, but because it was Christmas the buses weren't running so we walked 40 minutes to get to church. He's a champ
I skyped my family!!! :) 
Our ward is AMAZING and they gave us and the elders each a box full of presents after church on Christmas!
We had a five course Christmas eve dinner at the Bishop's home. They are the best!
My family sent me a 12 days of Christmas package, but I didn't get it until the 23rd so I had fun doing the 10 mintues of Christmas hahah and then two days. I love my family :)

Christmas eve night we didn't have anything to do so Zr De Souza and I decided to go street contacting and we brought a bunch of Book of Mormons with us. We got inspired by a story in the December Liahona about a senior couple in France who did the same thing on Christmas eve and gave out Book of Mormons to people walking around alone. Sooo we did the same thing! And it was awesome! We were super bold and I even chased this guy down the street that I really felt like I should talk to and he was interested! I told him we were giving these books out for free because it was Christmas and that it had changed my life and he was super thankful and told me he would definitely read it!! Super cool! I also knocked on the window of a guy sitting alone in his car and we were able to give out three Book of Mormons within an hour! Freaking Christmas miracles :)

Zuster Fordiani

1-12 days of Christmas
2-ya idk
3-Murtaza made us dinner!
4-Crazy/cool church in Lokeren
5-Christmas eve selfiesss

2-the bishop's cat hahaha

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