Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 50 ~ go shawty it's yo birthday

This week was SO GOOD. I got to Skype my family! I love you guys! 

First of all thank you so much for all the love for my birthday! I had an awesome day. Zr. Elggren bought me earrings, decorated the apartment, and made me French toast. She's a keeper. And some awesome members (Tineke, Leroy, and Marthijs) made my birthday so great! We had pie and they gave me presents and just spoiled me, I love them so much! We also jumped on the trampoline for like 30 minutes and I tucked my skirt into the bottom of my g's so I could play crack the egg. The boys were so confused hahaha. It was so fun!

also funny fact: zr. Elggren is vegetarian and i can't have milk products so we're #basicallyvegan

Also last Monday was one of the most fun p days I've had! We went with Tineke and the boys to fly kites! It was so nice. The weather is warming up a ton and I'm super happy about it. No more tights!!

We also found two carnivals this week which means... OLIEBOLLEN! Zr. Elggren and I were so happy because we're obsessed. You can only find oliebollen at carnivals and at Christmas time. hahah Zr. Elggren and I both really like Sugar and we justified buying tons of Sugar this week for my birthday. such a bad idea, yet so good. #weateawholejarofspeculoosinthreedays #bananabreadwithspeculoos #tonsofcandy #sorbet #darkchocolate #friedbananas #brownieinamug #pie #donuts #wearegettingsofat 

We saw SO many miracles this week. We made a goal this transfer to try to testify on every door before it gets shut and it has been amazing! We found three awesome new investigators! We're super excited to work with them. One of the women we found said that she was going to pray about the fact that we knocked on her door to see if God put us in her path. She's awesome. We are super excited about all three of them.

We had a lesson with Hichame and Wieu! We taught the plan of salvation in Dutch and then Wieu translated it into Arabic for Hichame. It was so cool! Hichame is learning more and Wieu (the eternigator) is getting to help teach the lessons! It is a really great opportunity to teach them both. Hichame said that he had been praying to know which church he needed to go to and then we met him in the park. He compared his experience to Joseph Smith's experience and said he knows the church is true!

We also met a guy who told us we could come back to his house and bring him a Book of Mormon the next day. So we went back at the time he told us and he wasn't home. We were slightly annoyed/bummed, but we decided to street contact instead. It was getting close to 9:00pm so no one was really on the Streets haha and there was literally one girl walking toward us so we were like okay lets contact her. And she turned out to be super nice and interested! We gave her a Book of Mormon and got her number. It was cool because maybe the guy we met wasn't interested, but God just needed us to go look him up again so we could meet the girl on the street! God works in mysterious ways :)

I love you guys!

zr Fordiani

1-kibbeling and frites by the water
2- :)
4-old church turned into a bookstore
5,6-oliebollen x2

 1-wife us
2-my fav striped cow
3-french toast!

kite flying! and more photos from Giethoorn before Zr. Musgrave left​

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