Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 49 ~ transfer 8.

First off, THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE! I love you guys! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

Monday we went to Giethoorn with Tineke and Leroy (members)! It was super fun. It's this cute little town with no roads and only canals! Then we stopped off in this little town called Staphorst where the women still wear the traditional Dutch clothes. We just walked around looking for them haha and we spotted two on their bikes. Yes.

Wednesday was transfer day! I picked up Zr Elggren! She's great. She's from Seattle, Washington and she's just freaking fun. We've been having a blast together knocking doors haha... it was a pretty slow week BUT we found tons of new potentials. I was actually shocked. Whenever someone actually has interest in the Book of Mormon I forget what to do for a second haha. But yeah we have some return appointments and got some numbers! We're really excited for this transfer.

Friday we got to work at the voedsel bank (food bank)! It was such a cool experience. We first helped with the preparing of the food and setting everything up and then we were also able to help deal the food out and talk to the people. It was a really cool experience.

I also talked to Zr. Lodders (from Utrecht) on the Phone!! I LOVE that woman! That was a mini miracle :)

Also Sunday was crazy because we walked into sacrament meeting and there were a bunch of Americans. There was a group of BYU students on study abroad, Zr. Winkel's sister (random I know) was visiting with her husband, and President and Sister Bunnell were there too! It was crazy, but gezellig.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Z Fordiani

1-sending this hooligan off to America
2,3-voedsel bank!

1-our group for Koning's dag last week
2-Congrats to Chasidi!!! She was baptized two weeks ago :)
3-hehe Giethoorn with Leroy :)​

Giethoorn! Hopefully I will have more pictures of Giethoorn next week.

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